The Cycle Stops

Have you ever repeated the same mistake over and over again that you dare not talk about it to any of your closest friends anymore? You know exactly what they are going to say. Word by word. You will hear the disappointment that travels through air into your phone. You will try to find more and more excuses why it is different this time. By this time, you know exactly who to confide in to get what sort of support. If you’re still in the mellow mood, you’d probably call Suzie for a shoulder to cry on. If you’re at a point where you feel like blaming it to everybody else but you, it would be raging Rina for sure. If it’s time for a little bit of pity party, then you know Janie would just sit there and listen with no judgment. And when you’re ready to get up, stand up and swear you’ll never fall into the same trap twice, you’d have it with amazing Anna. No one can boost your spirit up like Anna does. And yet, deep down, you’re still scared that one dark night in the future, you’ll end up in the very same cycle again. Can’t help to wonder if they’ll every get sick of all your problems. With their lives going full throttle.  Their own problems. Their many triumphs. Why, would you think they’d have the time of day to console your spirit and nurse your wound, you may ask? One that they’ve heard a million times over, at that.  Do you ever wonder if behind all their comfort words, all they want to say is just ‘Get off it already! Just get it sorted! Now!’.

This I found.

Once in a blue moon, you will find people who will tell you exactly that. They’ll do what they have to do to shut you up from your wailings and incessant ranting. An hour on the phone, a few hours of face to face consolations, whatever it takes. And when they see that the bawls and the anger are stepping out to take a fresh air out of your brain, they’ll start doing their magic. At the very first sign of common sense stepping inside that very same brain, they’ll sit up straight, look you in the eye and see you completely. In a magical way that speaks more than whatever words they have to say to snap you out of your cycle. They’d tell you just exactly that.

And if you’ve never been lucky enough to meet such wondrous creature, let me break it to you. The cycle stops. As simple as that.

The cycle stops.

It could, it can and it will. It may take forever but it will stop. Break through. Break free. Get off the train. Take a deep breath. Start walking. And if somehow you found yourself waking up on that train again. Never hesitate to give me a buzz. I’ll come in the light of speed to whack you out. Again and again. And again. Until it really stops.  And it will.


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